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About Us

Hi there! Thank you for visiting the The McMaster Women in Engineering Society website. We are a group of undergraduate Engineering, Biotechnology, and Computer Science students focused on creating a community where female identified students feel empowered and supported throughout their education. It is a goal of ours to provide our students with opportunities to network with each other and industry professionals as well as grow as individuals. We strongly believe in the importance of introducing young girls to the world of STEM through our various outreach opportunities such as high school and community events. The McMaster WIE Society has five main initiatives that we follow to aid in the growth and support of the STEM Community. They are:

The McMaster Women in Engineering Society (McMaster WIE) was established in 2007. Since then, our society has continued to grow student membership and the outreach of our events. 


Our aim is to create an environment within McMaster’s engineering faculty where women-identifying students can feel supported in their education. We aspire to create a community that empowers students in their education and inspires growth. 


WIE is founded on five main tenets: mentorship, social events, professional development, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and outreach. 


WIE runs a mentorship program to encourage networking and collaboration with peers. We use highschool and community events as outreach opportunities to introduce young students to STEM. WIE also provides networking opportunities with industry professionals and runs events throughout the year to continually foster a sense of community.  We are continuously working to improve and support diversity amongst engineering students. 


All women-identifying students in the faculty of engineering are automatically a member of the Society! We can be contacted through our social media, linked below, and any inquiries may be directed towards our email:

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