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Academic Support

Academic Advising supports students in their course planning, course selections, changes to your enrolment, McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF), exams, taking courses at another university (for credit at McMaster), Petitions for Special Consideration, and much more. 


Have forms for all of the following on their webpage:

  • Complementary Elective Studies List

  • Engineering Course Conflicts Form

  • Engineering Course Permission Form

  • Mcmaster Student Health Certificate

  • Petition For Special Consideration

  • Request For Deferred Exam Privileges

  • Reinstatement Request Form

  • Request To Transfer Into The Faculty of Engineering

  • Request For Late Withdrawal Form


  • Co-op Opt In Form

  • iBiomed Course Conflict Form

  • iBiomed Permission Form

  • iBiomed Petition For Special Consideration

  • iBiomed Request For Deferred Examination Privileges

  • Request To Transfer In To iBiomed

  • MSAF Form

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