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Our outreach initiative can be divided into two subsections: outreach within high school and in the community.

High school Outreach is very important to The McMaster Women in Engineering Society and we are dedicated to improving the outreach events each year. One of our main events take place during reading week, The Ambassador Program! Students go on a trip to visit high schools to talk about McMaster Engineering. Our students go equipped with a PowerPoint and pamphlets that showcase all there is to know about McMaster Engineering. Our students love talking about all the clubs, sports, academic resources, and social events McMaster Engineering has to offer. The goal we hope to achieve through these presentations is to encourage students to pursue engineering!


The McMaster WIE Society also participates in events offered by McMaster such as:

  • GoEngGirl

  • Go CODE Girl

  • Engineering Overnight Experience

  • FIRST robotics


Community Outreach is an initiative that The McMaster Women in Engineering Society is working on and expanding every year. We hope to partner with organizations throughout Hamilton to host events that encourage all women-identified persons to consider an education in a STEM field. The McMaster Women in Engineering Society believes it is critical to showcase what a career in STEM looks like for a female person and the opportunities for someone who pursues this field. We plan to achieve this through events and workshops throughout the community.

If you are a Hamilton-based organization that is interested in working with The McMaster Women in Engineering Society, please reach out to us through email at


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