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Student WEllness

The Student Wellness Center (SWELL) is the place on campus to address your wellness needs. They provide a range of counselling options, medical services and wellness programs so that you can get the most out of your McMaster experience, academically and personally! Their services are divided into three categories:



Counsellors will sensitively listen and then, lay out a series of options that include online information; interactive online modules such as WellTrack; referrals to the Student Assistance Program; daily one-hour stress reduction seminars; psychoeducational groups; therapy groups; all the way to individual counselling sessions and medical appointments, as well as referrals to community and other resources.


Medical Care

We provide a range of medical services, including:

  • Treatment of minor illness & injury

  • Immunizations & screening

  • TB skin testing

  • Dressing changes & wound care

  • Mental health support

  • Psychiatry


Wellness Education

Their health promotion team provides health and wellness prevention and awareness programs to connect you with information, resources and services in the McMaster and Hamilton community.

Our Health Promotion Team also provides a number of trainings on campus, including:

  • Mental health 101

  • safeTALK (suicide alertness)

  • Self-care and community care

  • Healthy relationships

  • Responsible drinking and cannabis use

  • Other related wellness topics


Crisis Support

Please find a list of contact information provided by SWELL for crisis support here:


MSU Services

  • Birth control options

  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections

  • Smoking cessation support

  • Transgender care

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