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By Anjola Adewale

Read about Anjola's experiences as a black woman in engineering as she explores her academic roots.

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My Roots
By Felicity Rugard

Felicity reflects on the experiences of her childhood that ignited her journey toward engineering, and how our roots accompany us throughout our journeys.

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I Wasn't Okay, But I am Now
By Jessica Wan

Join Jessica as she reflects on her experiences as an international student studying in China during an online school year.

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Maybe I Will Miss Quarantine
By Aaliyah Karim

Do you think you'll miss the COVID-19 quarantine? Join Aaliyah Karim as she reflects on the ways in which looking back on stay-at-home will ignite nostaliga.


My Motivational Mandate
By Maya Pankiw

Read as Maya reflects on how her definitions of academic fulfillment and motivation 

changed during an online school year.

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