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Sexual Violence Prevention & Response

McMaster Support Contact

Hagar Akua Prah, (905) 525-9140 Ext. 20909.

Group Support (PEGaSUS)

PEGaSUS is a 10-week psycho-educational group for survivors of sexual assault designed for students of all genders who have experienced sexual assault.

Free 24h Support Line (SACHA)

(905) 525-4162. Also provide counselling, diverse communities outreach programs, and public education, as well as support for men. 


When contacting the McMaster Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO)

  • the student will be informed of several different reporting options

  • the spread of information is solely up to the victim/survivor

  • the student will be provided with support in a  judgement free environment to talk about their experiences

  • safety measures will be taken into account if necessary, and the individual will be referred to medical services as needed

  • making a referral to the police is an option, if the student chooses to do so

  • any university/workplace accommodations will be provided in order to make the student feel safe

  • different cultural needs will also be taken into consideration, and relevant support will be provided


How to provide support to sexual violence victims/survivors

  • Recognize: be aware that experiencing sexual violence can be traumatic, and that a positive disclosure is key. Always be aware of cultural, power, and health and physical safety needs. 

  • Respond: try to be open, approachable, compassionate, and respectful. Be an active listener and provide validation without judgement. 

  • Refer: refer the individual to the SVPRO. Follow up with them, and seek support if you yourself feel you need it. Treat every disclosure with confidentiality. 


How can I learn more about sexual violence and how to be supportive?

  • Attend one of McMaster’s training workshops!

How can I get involved and make a positive impact at McMaster?

  • Become a Peer Educator! 

  • The Peer Educator program is a student-run violence prevention initiative for returning undergraduate and graduate students overseen by the Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator. Led by Team Leads, Peer Educators work with their team (undergraduate or graduate) to develop and implement programs that help build a culture of consent on campus.

  • Contact Wil for inquiries related to the Peer Education program, 

  • For a job description, click the button below.


From academic advising

The McMaster Student Wellness Centre (SWC) is operational, primarily through online and phone appointments. Students are encouraged to visit the SWC website for more information on how to connect, click the button below.

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