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Our Team

Rebecca Di Vincenzo (she/her)



Program: Computer Engineering (Level 4)

Goals for this Year: I am really looking forward to expanding our society and reaching more students! I hope to bring as much as I can to this society before I graduate, and ensure that WiE helps students in every way that we possibly can! 

Advice: I spent my entire first year of engineering not knowing what WIE was. I see the impact we have on women coming into McMaster and wish I had experienced the same thing. I definitely recommend going to as many events as you can, not just to receive support, but to meet likeminded women within our field!

Other Extra-Curriculars: The McMaster Italian Cultural Club 

Shay Earle (she/her)



Program: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 4)

Goals for this Year: I have been on exec a long time and the community never stops amazing me. It is a fantastic group of motivated and inspirational women. I am so grateful to be president again and to help further develop the inclusive and empowering spaces within McMaster Engineering.

Fun Facts: I just got back from Co-op entering year 5 of 6. I am from NB and LOVE country music!

Other Extra-Curriculars: MES Equity and Inclusion Officer, Varsity Synchronized Swimming

Angela Lewis (she/her)


Co-VP Social

Program: Mechanical Engineering and Management (Level 2)

Goals for this Year: As a social VP, I look forward to meeting many people at our events, from a variety of different streams! I'm hoping to engage women-identifying students from many different backgrounds and years, to keep our community connected.

Advice: Keep an effective work-life balance! Engineering can be a pretty tough program, but that doesn't mean that your life should be only consumed by school. Last year, I was on the WIE exec as the first-year representative - being involved allowed me to connect with more people in my program, as well as upper years.

Fun Facts: My sister is on WIE Exec as well and I've played hockey for 13 years!

Other Extra-Curriculars: Intramural floor ball, intramural engineering hockey, Redsuits (first years look out for me and my growing collection of patches!)

Sankavi Kirushnakumar (she/her)


Co-VP Social

Program: Electrical Engineering and Society (Level 2)

Goals for this Year: I am hoping to get as many first years involved with our society, I remember as a first-year student I felt lost and didn't exactly know which teams/clubs I should join. I want to ensure all first years feel welcomed, included, and have fun as a part of the Women in Engineering Society. I am excited for all the events/activities in store and looking forward to working with such an amazing and driven team this year! 

Advice: Get involved early and do not be afraid to join teams/clubs, McMaster Engineering is an open and welcoming community that supports all individuals to achieve their goals and passions so go out there and do whatever makes you happy! 

Sarah Woods (she/her)


Co-VP Finance

Program: Chemical Engineering and Management (Level 3, on Co-op)

Goals for this Year: I hope to secure adequate funding from the MES and Faculty, create a realistic budget that supports all other Co-VPs' events, initiatives, and promotes the four pillars of our Society. This being my fourth year on the executive team, I have been apart of organizing and volunteering at many different events. I hope to do the same this upcoming year to connect with more fantastic women in engineering and Mac Eng students. In addition, I am looking forward to working with another diverse team of remarkable women who inspire me! 

Fun Facts: I am currently on a 12 month Co-op at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada in Cambridge as a Environmental Engineering Analyst, after my second year I spent 4 months as a Process Engineering Intern at TWD Technologies.

Other Extra-Curriculars: Co-VP Finance of the Chemical Engineering Club, McMaster Engineering Student Ambassador

Melina Ashali (she/her)


Co-VP Finance

Program: Engineering Physics (Level 3, on Co-op)

Goals for this Year: I hope that the team and I can run events that a lot of students here at Mac will want to be part of! Our society is made for our members, so I want everyone to be comfortable and excited to come out to our events and have a good time.

Advice: My advice as an (almost!) graduating student is to take your time! When I came into university, I thought I wanted to be finished as soon as possible. Now that I’m here, I realized that an extra 1-2 years in school is worth the experiences you can get from it. We’ve got a lot of time to start our career, but not a lot of time as students. 

Fun Facts: This is my third year on exec, previously I was one of the co vps of outreach. I’ve done coops at CNL and CPPIB, and if anyone has any questions about them feel free to reach out!

Isabella Feagan (she/her)


Co-VP Mentorship

Program: Mechanical Engineering and Society (Level 2)

Goals for this Year: As a Co-VP of Mentorship, I hope to ensure incoming women-identifying students within McMaster’s Engineering department can make strong connections to upper-years who can guide them through the many ups and downs of the academic year ahead. 

Advice: Try your best to reframe failure as a learning experience, and never be afraid to reach out for help.

Fun Facts: This is my first year on exec, I love to bake! My second dream job (after becoming an engineer) would be opening my own bakery. Right now, I’m on a mission to find the best cookie recipe!

Rhiannon Vu (she/her)


Co-VP Mentorship

Program: Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 3)

Goals for this Year: I’m excited to meet all the incoming first year students and to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. I’m hoping to organize some really fun events throughout the year and meet new people.

Advice: My biggest piece of advice is to stay organized (I really like using Google Calendar)!

Fun Facts: This is my first year on exec and I’m very excited! My interests include playing video games, embroidery, travelling, and I’m currently rewatching all of Glee.

Sophia Aslanidis (she/her)

sophia asl.jpg

Co-VP Outreach

Program: Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 3)

Goals for this Year: I am really looking forward to working with the inspiring and motivated group of women on the executive team! This year I hope to encourage more young women into Engineering through my work as Co-VP outreach. I want to show them that even though engineering may seem like a daunting field, all you need to succeed is dedication and a desire to learn! 

Advice: Make sure you make time for hobbies and things that you love outside of school. There is always more studying that you can do, but you need to figure out a balance for yourself of when it is "good enough" and take that time to do things that make you feel alive and happy! 

Other Extra-Curriculars: McMaster Recreational Dance team! It provides me with an escape from school, and I have met some great people. 

Olivia Cirone (she/her)


Co-VP Outreach

Program: Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 3)

Goals for this Year: This year, I’m hoping to expand our amazing Ambassador Program and hopefully get outreach involved in the elementary school level as well! I’m also excited to work with this incredible team of execs to encourage inclusivity and diversity in our field. 

Fun Facts: This is my second year on our executive team! I was also fortunate enough last year to work with the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS) to talk about the importance of diversity in the field of engineering, and run some summer camp sessions! 

Other Extra-Curriculars: Redsuits, and TA-ing for IBEHS 1EP6! 

Jasmine Lewis (she/her)


VP Communications

Program: Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 4)

Goals for this Year: I'm looking forward to working in our new communications role and seeing how we can make an impact through different types of media! My goal is to cater our social medias and information platforms to be as 'people-oriented' and inclusive as possible for the our community.

Advice: You'll have the time. You can make the time for those things or people that are important to you! Engineering is busy but it's so crucial to make time for the things in life that make you happy and feel like yourself, whether that's academic related or not. So tryout for the club or team that you're interested in, even if it means working a little harder and procrastinating a little less.

Other Extra-Curriculars: Varsity Field Hockey Team, Mac Athletes Care Exec, worked part-time at McMaster Athletics (Communications Department), Redsuits, intramurals (floorball, hockey, volleyball, inner tube waterpolo, soccer), Medical Engineering Design Team Electrical subteam member

Anna Leuprecht (she/her)


Co-VP Marketing & Media

Program: Electrical Engineering (Level 3)

Goals for this Year: This year, WIE's Marketing & Media is really hoping to dive into graphic design and continue to bridge the gap between engineering and art. In particular, we're hoping to continue to expand our infographic initiative that focuses on bringing awareness to EDI topics surrounding engineering! 

Fun Facts: This will be second year on the WIE executive team! Outside of school and extracurriculars, I love to play sports (hockey and snowboarding) and I also really enjoy painting (especially watercolours)! 

Other Extra-Curriculars: Redsuits, McMaster, intramurals (ultimate frisbee, inner tube water polo)

Meira Morphet (she/her)


Co-VP Professional Development

Program: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 4)

Goals for this Year: In my role as Co-VP PD, I’m excited to help woman-identifying students not only connect with potential employers, but also develop invaluable skills to become more employable by providing new and exciting opportunities this year! I’m looking forward to working with the great group of women on our exec team and seeing what we do this year! 

Advice: It’s ok if things don’t go or turn out how you expected them to, it’s part of the process! Put yourself out there, try something new and always make time for things that keep you grounded whether it be a hobby or good friends!

Other Extra-Curriculars: Redsuits and intramurals! 

Mattia Solenka (she/her)


Co-VP Professional Development

Program: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (Level 2)

Goals for this Year: My goal in this role is to support woman-identifying engineering students by ensuring that they have the resources needed to thrive! Whether it be through skills development workshops, networking events, or the creation of resource hubs, I want to ensure that all members of our community feel prepared and confident to pursue their professional goals. I also plan on advocating for other engineering students this year by ensuring their voices are heard and all events/resources are made accessible. 

Advice: Get involved! It’s the best way to meet new people and you’ll gain so many invaluable experiences that you’ll look back on for years to come!

Other Extra-Curriculars: Vice President of McMaster’s Society for Engineering Research (MacSER), Engineering Ambassador, Redsuits

Sophia Andru (she/her)

sophia andru.jpg

Diversity Co-Chair

Program: Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Level 2)

Goals for this Year: I am looking forward to a successful 2022 IDEA conference and supporting the WIE Society's pillar of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion! 

Fun Facts: This is my first year as a WIE exec and I am very excited!! I love peanut butter and weightlifting, and recently I have been learning to cook for myself and my roommates. 

Eileen Cornejo (she/her)


Diversity Co-Chair

Program: Chemical and Bioengineering (Level 3, on Co-op)

Goals for this Year: I am looking forward to hosting the IDEA Conference in person this year! I am so excited to see everyone connect and learn together. 

Advice: Explore your interests through joining clubs and attending events during first year. Academics are important but enjoying your time at uni and creating connections with new people is pretty up there too! 

Other Extra-Curriculars: I am a writer for The Frequency (Engineering newsletter), Redsuits

Ashviya Jeyaseelan (she/her)


First Year Representative

Program: Engineering I (Level 1)

Goals for this Year: I look forward to developing an inclusive and empowering community for women-identifying first year students! I am excited to help organize fun events throughout the year, and connect with the exceptional group of women in McMaster Engineering.

Fun Facts: I'm an avid reader, coffee-hater, and am always listening to music 24/7. I also love swimming, astronomy, and stargazing with my small telescope at home!

Julia Pona (she/her)


First Year Representative

Program: iBioMed (Level 1)

Goals for this Year: I am hoping to help my fellow first-years by making a smoother and more enjoyable transition into university life. I am also looking forward to getting to know other members of exec and learning how to run a successful club!

Fun Fact: My first language was Polish as both my parents grew up in Poland. I love to travel and visit new countries and places. I also love reading and have been obsessed with Harry Potter for as long as I can remember. 

Other Extra-Curriculars: iBioMed Ambassador & intramural volleyball

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